The positives

Don’t get me wrong the future isn’t the best or brightest but there are some positives here. Technology still controls are social lives, but there are even more options than ever. Almost ever couple and friend has met on a dating site. If you do want to attempt to get a higher education it would be online. And retail outside the internet is almost non-existent besides the few big boxed stores which hold a monopoly.


How the world is…

So as Layla is sleeping let’s go over how society is. Not much as really changed. The economy is getting tougher. Unfortunatly not many people can afford not have the desire to achieve an education past high school because what is the point? We need laborers to get anything accomplished and that is where the money is. The thinkers, the philoshers can only achieve greatness if they have the funds to back it up and these funds are scarce…

Most people go to technical schools, become apprentices, follow the family business or whatever they can to make thier way. Families are small only one or maybe two kids if they can afford it. The parents are usually older. Having kids in your 20s only happens by accident and if the grandparents can afford it. Typically the whole immediate family lives together because buying a new house is impractical in this economic climate. So living with a bunch of people makes the family close, sometimes too close that you want to pull your hair out

Well here goes nothing…

So this most likely takes place in a not so distant future where sometimes people get hunted down by…well you’ll find out later…

We see Layla, a 20-something year old waitress at a run down little dinner in the middle of nowhere. She goes up to grab the pancakes and egg platters.”thanks, dad” she says to the cook/owner of the Milltown Diner. The day goes on like any other. Nothing exciting and when closing time comes she heads nextdoor to the tiny house and tells her parents good night.

As she walks up the stairs we see a family photo of the three of them, except the daughter in the picture looks slightly different than Layla. her hair is the same, eye color, but her nose is slightly different and ears are a bit smaller.

Layla goes to her room, picks up the landline phone and dials. Someone picks up on the other end and all you can hear is breathing. 

“I love you and miss you both so much” she says, hangs up quickly and falls fast asleep.

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